About Us



 Gina Mozingo  


Gina Mozingo grew up in the east bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Growing up in a family where her father was the owner of a family run peanut factory, the famous red and white strip in-the-shell peanuts, and her mother was a real estate landlord for her family business; Gina knew the definition of hard work and competition early in her life.  As a result of this Gina had jobs in and out of the family business all her life and has always been involved with competitive sports all throughout growing up and into college where she was a rower and a triathlete.


Attending the University of Colorado and earning a BS in Psychology, Gina decided to go into commercial real estate.  After five years in the real estate business, the market turned and finding another job was tough so Gina went to school for her massage therapy license and found a passion caring for people. She also cared about giving back to the earth and found that the combination of massage therapy and becoming a partner in a new appliance business was a perfect combination for her.


Gina's business ventures prove that women can do anything they put their minds to.  When not working, Gina participates in yoga, roller blading, traveling and hanging out with the company of smart, motivated people.

         Rachel Mozingo  


Rachel Mozingo was born and raised in the Sacramento Valley.  She is the daughter of an engineer father and a self-employed stay at home mom.  While in high school Rachel toured parts of Europe doing technical support for the Sacramento Youth Symphony.  It was here that she developed her love for travel and her knack for being a hard worker.


Rachel put herself through Sacramento State University driving limousines for 5 years earning a BS in Criminal Justice.  She was an honor roll student and took on internships with the local Sheriff's Department.  After graduating and realizing that the job market for criminal justice majors was slim Rachel knew she would have to come up with her own path in order to make a living.


Rachel was always inspired by her family's involvement with ecology of the local fish and rivers.  Her grandfather was a retired Fish and Game Employee and never stopped being involved with the Sacramento river system and wild life. Rachel learned from him about giving back to the earth.  With much thought and consideration, using everything her family and background had given her Rachel was ready to start Eco Appliance Recycling.


Through hard work and perseverance, today Rachel enjoys building her all women business that is self-sustaining and thriving in a male dominated industry.  When she is not working, you can find her at the local roller rink speed skating, traveling when time allows, and hanging with her friends.